Tectonic Technologies

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Tectonic offers operator friendly, flexible hardware and software 
systems. Our systems allow customers to improve data interpretation 
and productivity. Tools provided with our base systems include 3D data 
recording and plotting, full waveform analysis, data reviewing, digital 
documentation, and customized test reports. The simple versatile 
operator interface provides the Level III inspector/researcher, the 
flexibility to change in real time, a multitude of system parameters. The 
operator interface quickly transitions to a Level I production mode to 
perform inspections requiring non user configurable or “locked” 
parameters where optimizing speed and accuracy is paramount.

Tectonic can design a system around your existing hardware. Our basic 
design crosses the divide between the historic stationary test station 
and a flexible hand held system for field use. It allows our customers to 
use DAQ sections as a compact manual inspection system to perform off 
site manual inspections.